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Ethiopia Guji Hambela (Filter)

$ 25.90

Flavours of sweet red grapes with a fragrant plumeria flower aroma and vanilla undertone.

Current V60 brew recipe (medium grind):
- 50g Bloom (30s)
- Stir 10 times
- 180g Pour (30s)
- Swirl 3 times
- Bypass 15g
Total brew recipe: 11g:180g, 95C water.

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Smallholder farmers


Guji Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Heirloom

2,100m above sea level


Roast Level
Light (Filter)

Hambela is owned by the METAD Agricultural Development PLC, a family run business; the land on which it sits was awarded to Muluemebet Emiru, the first African female pilot, after World War II. Her descendents now run the estate and farm, with Aman Adinew at the helm of METAD.

Adinew (Emiru's grandson) is one of the founding executives of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, the dominant organization in Ethiopia for commerce and trading. METAD plays an active roll in the local community: their workforce is over 70% women, and they provide healthcare for employees, award university scholarships and sponsor an elementary school with over 700 students.

Quality and certification premiums have also helped METAD build roads and community centers, and they have expanded an "out-grower" program designed to provide technical assistance, farm equipment and certification programs for more than 5,000 local farmers.