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Papua New Guinea Ulya AX

$ 22.90

A thick, syrupy coffee with flavours of poached apple, caramel and almond butter.

Current V60 brew recipe (medium grind):
- 50g Bloom (30s)
- Stir 10 times
- 105g Pour (30s)
- Swirl 3 times
- Bypass 15g
Total brew recipe: 11g:170g, 95C water.

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Smallholder producers

Papua New Guinea

Western Highlands Province

Arusha/Bourbon/Typica, Mundo Novo

1,661m above sea level

Fully Washed

Roast Level
Medium (Filter)

Grown on Sitio Recanto da Pedra.

Papua New Guinea is a unique island nation, situated on the eastern reaches of the Indonesian archipelago. Home to nearly 7 million people with 800 different languages – PNG is truly a nation secluded from the rest of the world, and a land of tribes. Mt. Hagen is a populous city within the Western Highlands in the center of the island. With towering elevations, this region is ideal for coffee production, thanks to the cool climates and misty rains.

Monpi, a coffee exporter in Papua New Guinea, have helped connect this region’s coffee producers to markets throughout the world. Specifically, in the central west of the Waghi, Mt. Ulya stands tall, rich with coffee and a history of coffee production. Known locally as Mt. Olga, coffee plantations have existed here for many generations, and is the site of the Waghi Valley, a deep cut through the landscape encircled by steep, rugged mountains and forests teeming with life. This region is well-known for agriculture and is hometo some of the most advanced farming techniques thanks to thousands of years of crop production within the nutrient-rich soils.

Once Papua New Guinea gained independence in 1949, portions of these old plantations were handed back to indigenous peoples. Today, these plots are managed by an organized group, working to supply high-quality coffee to the Ulya Plantation Mill. Monpi took over this mill in 2013 in addition to the cherry supply from the Ulya region. This led to renovation and the construction of an improved wastewater treatment facility. Thus, improving not only environmental conditions within Ulya, but working to promote this unique coffee throughout the world.

The producers in the Mt. Ulya region will regularly grow a variety of vegetables including broccoli, peanuts, sweet potatoes, and carrots. The land encompassing these farms is generally flat and rich with volcanic minerals. The Monpi Sustainability team have held trainings about protecting wildlife and preventing the loss of native species. Biodiversity is rich in this area, and coffee producers are working to maintain it. Sustainable agricultural practices are encouraged to ensure surrounding ecosystems are not harmed by the farming of coffee. The Monpi Team are working diligently to raise awareness for the conservation of local flora and fauna.

Climate change has had an impact in the Western Highlands province, primarily in creating warm and moist environments ideal for the Coffee Berry Borer. Not only that, but the rains are becoming more irregular, making rainfall difficult to anticipate. There are trainings in place to educate producers on rehabilitating their farms by altering pruning methods and replanting trees with newer more resilient varieties. The Sustainable Management Services team are teaming up with Monpi to help producers transition to higher yielding trees that are more resilient to these changes in climate and threats. Additionally, SMS have created two model farms to use as teaching tools for producers to experience practical training on improving yield and quality within their own farms. Not only that, but Monpi supplies pruning tools to producers to help with the health maintenance of the trees.