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Ethiopia Shaakkiso Daannisa

$ 24.90

Lovely rose aromatics with flavours of lemongrass and sweet, white peach.

Current V60 brew recipe (medium grind):
- 50g Bloom (30s)
- Stir 10 times
- 130g Pour (30s)
- Swirl 3 times
- Bypass 15g
Total brew recipe: 11g:180g, 95C water.

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Sookoo Coffee


Guji, Shaakkiso, Suke Quto

Local landraces / JARC74 selections

2,000m - 2,178m above sea level


Roast Level
Medium - Light

Started by a close-knit Ethiopian coffee-producing family, Sookoo produces and exports high-quality coffee from some of the most well-known coffee regions in the world. Currently, the company is led by Ture Ware and manages washing stations in both Uraga and Shaakkisso Woredas.

Having grown up in the region, Ture began working as an exporter and farm manager within his family’s business. Today, Ture manages Sookoo, a sustainable organization working with many producers and the environment to export high-quality coffee throughout the world. Ture and the Sookoo team care deeply about traceability and the producers supplying cherries to the mill.

The company provides pre-harvest loans to the producers to ensure yields and quality are maintained. Roads and schools have been constructed by Sookoo to help improve the coffee-producing community. Thanks to these values, and Sookoo’s dedication to assisting producers with technical challenges in addition to offering agricultural training – a future is being created for coffee in this region.

Producers in this region face challenges with a lack of clean water and poor soil conservation. To ameliorate these threats, producers are beginning to work together and educate each other on different methods to conserve water and promote soil health.