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Mexico Ixhuatlan

$ 25.90

Sweet flavours of greens grapes, a deep and rich merlot coupled with undertones of plum and caramel.

Roasted for filter.

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Ixhuatlan Del Cafe


Vera Cruz

Red Bourbon

1,500 - 1,700m above sea level

72hr Anaerobic

Roast Level
Medium - Light

In the coastal region of Mexico known as Veracruz, sits theinfamouscoffee-producing area, Ixhuatlan. With its climbing elevations, historic artifacts, and rich volcanicand claysoils–Ixhuatlanis home to a number ofcoffee producers and the Santuario Project, where this lot comes from.

Initiated in 2017, the Santuario Projectis truly a place of magnificence and superior coffee quality. With a dedicated team, carefully orchestrated processes, and advanced greenhouses, labs, and state-of-the-art wet and dry mills–the project has thrived in Mexico, producing top lots like this one.The coffee is harvested carefully, thanks to constant Brix measurements of the total sugar in each cherry.

Once harvested, the cherries undergo the Anaerobic Natural processing method by first being submerged in water to remove floaters and clean the cherries, to begin the quality assurance process. The cherries are then immersed in another tank of water for 4 hours to soak the skin of the cherry. The anaerobic fermentationthen occurs in sealed tanks for 72 hour sto slowly breakdown the exterior pulp.

With the exterior skin intact,the cherries are evenly spread on raised beds for 23 days and rested under shade for an additional 6 days to stabilize humidity. Once completely dried, the coffee is hulled at the Santuario dry mill, and rested in grain pro bags for another12 days. Ixhuatlan del Café is the processing area for the Santuario Project and where this coffee undergoes it sunique process.

Also,Ixhuatlan del Café is home to the greenhouses and experimentation areas that allow for trials of these high-quality processing methods. The Santuario staff are dedicated to quality assurance, regularly monitoring the harvest and each step of processing to ensure excellent quality is maintained. Working with these producers reveal how special the coffee is in this region of Mexico, and why members of the Santuario Project seek to preserve this historic coffee-producing community.