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Gesha Village Auction Lot GVA.20

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Flavours of delicate jasmine, peach, lychee and lemon sherbet. Roasted for filter. Brew Recipe here!

This beautiful geisha coffee is a one of a kind in Singapore and is our Roaster's Pick of the season. Availability is limited so get it while you can!

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Adam Overton,Rachel Samuel & Willem Boot


Southwestern EthiopiaBench Maji zone

Gesha 1931

1,931 - 2,040m above sea level


Roast Level

We did quite an extensive 4 month long experiment with this coffee, read more about Experiment #158 here!

Experiment #158

In 2017, Gesha Village held the first-ever private-estate coffee auction in Africa. Due to the overwhelming success of the inaugural event, the auction is now an annual event, offering coffee roasters and enthusiasts’ worldwide the opportunity to taste and purchase the absolute top coffees that our farm produces.

In 2018, Gesha Village held their second auction with 31 different lots, all tasting magnificent and unique in their own way. Compound Coffee Co. is one of the few roasters worldwide to win one of the auction lots, GVA.20 and gain exclusive access to this coffee. You won't be able to find it anywhere else!

Learn more about Gesha coffee and the amazing Gesha Village at their website here: