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El Salvador Finca Himalaya Supersonic

$ 20.90

Flavours of Strawberry and nuts with a creamy and milky texture. An exclusive 89 point Project Origin coffee just for you. Only one word to describe it : Delicious.

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Mauricio A salaverria

El Salvador

Ataco/ Apaneca

Pacas, Bourbon

1,350 - 1,450m above sea level

Natural processed and dried on african beds

Roast Level

A blend of naturals from Mauricio’s farms. Cherries are picked on the same day and brought to Divisadero mill at the same time, then the varietals are mixed and placed on thick African beds which are approximately 30cm thick then dried at high altitude (1,350m) resulting in almost each bean having the same density and heat capacity. This enables us to roast and extract the full potential of the coffee, with increased complexity from different farms.

For the first three days the coffee is turned every 24 hours to reduce fermentation then the coffee is spread thin to increase clarity. Once moisture has reached 16% the coffee is moved to a cool dark storage area for seven days for the sugars to stabilise. Then finally the coffee is again moved to African beds for another seven days or until beans have a moisture content of 12%.

It is a four week, complex process, but it is worth it. The current lot is from Finca Himalaya and made with Pacas/Bourbon varietals. “Supersonic” is the name of the flavour profile. It could be made with different varietals or come from any of mauricio’s farms.