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Finca La Mula

Flavours of mandarin oranges, delicate jasmine, lavender and sweet grapes and papaya. Roasted for filter. Brew Recipe here!

This beautiful geisha coffee is a real gem and is our Roaster's Pick of the season. Availability is super limited so get it while you can!

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Willem Boot


Chiriqui, western Panama

Green and Bronze tip Geisha, Dwarf Geisha

1,700 - 1,800m above sea level

Fully Washed

Roast Level

Best of Panama 1st place, Good Food Awards, Top Rated Coffee on Coffee Review. The awards speak for itself. An absolutely astounding coffee and totally deserving of our Roaster's Pick. Get it while you can!

During his early coffee career as a buyer for his family’s roasting company in The Netherlands, Willem observed how detrimental the activity of coffee farming can be to the environment. He saw farms densely packed with high yielding coffee trees in countries like Colombia and Costa Rica and he became appalled by the sterile environment of these open-sun plantations; leaving the coffee trees dependent on massive quantities of agro-chemicals and allowing no breathing room for insects and birds.
Also in Panama, a country known for its natural wealth, Willem observed how the impact of coffee farming and the intensive use of harmful herbicides like glyphosate depleted to some degree the soils in a well known area like Boquete Valley.
When he originally set his mind on becoming a farmer himself, he decided to establish an “out of the box” farming approach by seeking land outside of the Boquete area and in the proximity of the Volcan Baru National Park. When Willem visited his farm for the first time in 2006, he relied on a mule to explore the rugged terrain of the Baru volcano. On the southeastern slopes of the 3,500 meters high Baru volcano, he found a small abandoned farm with coffee trees over-grown with weeds and surrounded and shaded by the most beautiful native trees he had ever seen. The experience made him fall in love with the land, its splendid views and the beauty of the nearby cloud forest.
The idea for Finca La Mula (“mule”) was conceived during that same visit. The planting of La Mula started in 2006 and was concluded in 2007. Weeds were removed, the old (typica) trees were uprooted and overhanging shade trees were carefully pruned to allow more light into the farm. For the purpose of preventing erosion, special deep-rooting Myrtus trees were planted in the farm to provide more stability to the soil. The 6,500 coffee trees were planted with a lot of spacing to prevent long term depletion of the soils and to allow the coffee trees to blend in with the forest protecting them. On purpose, it was decided to maintain the relatively secluded status of the farm and not to build any additional roads to the farm. There are currently two ways to get to La Mula; either on foot from a nearby situated farm or with a small 4x4 vehicle which requires a highly experienced chauffeur. 

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