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Experimental coffees and research

04. Our Research

Experiment #133

Brewing|May 3, 2016

The Basic Espresso Recipe

The basic fundamental behind coffee is that only roughly 30% of coffee is water-soluble. Out of this 30%, only about 20% are actually desirable and tastes good. The goal behind every coffee professional is or should be to extract as much of these good and delicious parts of the coffee whilst minimizing the extraction of the undesirable parts of the coffee. Now that we know that we should all...
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Experiment #132

Brewing|May 1, 2016

The key to a more delicious and consistent coffee experience

The key to a more delicious and consistent coffee experience is a weighing scale!Traditional methodology surrounding espresso tend to use volume as a metric for measurement. With espressos being 30ml etc. Instead of leaving things to chance with volume that has great variability, we recommend every coffee professional to start using...
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