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Experimental coffees and research

04. Our Research

Experiment #163

Roasting|Apr 1, 2020

How to roast for increased flavour on a drum roaster

Flavour. Possibly the most cited reason for so many people falling in love with specialty coffee. The wide variety and complexity of flavours that can be found in coffee never ceases to amaze us. But, being able to increase the flavour potential of a coffee through roasting has been a common obstacle for many roasters. In this experiment, we will show you how we explore and test a commonly held belief about roasting for increased flavour on a dru
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Experiment #162

Roasting|Dec 5, 2019

Soaking: When and how to do it

Soaking has become a popular technique within coffee roasting. But is it really beneficial to your roast? We compared the effects of soaking vs non-soaking across different brew methods. Our initial hypotheses proposed that the soaked coffee would result in a less developed coffee even with all other roasting milestones maintained. Read on for the final cup analysis.
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Experiment #161

Roasting|Nov 1, 2019

How does roast development impact coffee solubility?

Does a more developed coffee really mean a more soluble coffee? We set out to test this assumption as our hypothesis with this month's experiment. Our findings not only contradicted the common assumption but also lead us to ponder the possibility of differing “grindability” or fraction mechanics based on the roast.
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Experiment #160

Roasting|Oct 31, 2019

Yes, you can fully develop a coffee before first crack

The goal of this study was to explore the possibility of fully developing a coffee before first crack. The definition of a fully developed coffee being - no signs of “green flavours” such as grassy, vegetal or sour. This is a proof of concept that under the ideal roasting conditions...
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Experiment #158

Roasting|Oct 13, 2018

Experiment #158: Freezing Gesha Village Coffee For Roasting

Does freezing green coffee impact roasting and it's resulting flavours?We decided to try it for ourselves; with Gesha Village coffee. It might be a bit extreme, but the higher complexity and subtle flavours of this coffee will allow us to better gauge and taste if there is any true impact from the freezing.
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Experiment #156

Roasting|Jun 8, 2018

Experiment #156 : Roasting Finca La Falda

A new coffee has arrived on our shores! This time we have a glorious Colombian coffee from Finca La Falda! The coffee has previously placed 7th in the Colombian Cup of Excellence and we are super excited to taste this coffee!
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