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How does the Drying and Maillard Phase affect Solubility?

Solubility has been a highly discussed subject in coffee. But there are conflicting ideas on the variables affecting the solubility of coffee. These ideas stem mostly from different roasting approaches. In fact, we argue in our previous experiment that coffee solubility is wrong, it's about grindability. In this experiment we wanted to test how time spent in different phases of the roast affected the final "solubility" of a coffee.




How does the Drying and Maillard Phase affect Solubility?




We set out to test if there was a correlation between the time spent in a roast before First Crack and the solubility of the coffee. The hypothesis was that a longer roast time would mean a longer exposure to heat and thus result in weaker cell structures and more brittle coffees. In turn this will create a more soluble coffee. The final results showed weak evidence to support this claim. Instead, it opened up questions on how the heat is applied. A constant or decreasing heat input could generate different results from increasing heat inputs throughout the roast.



A longer time...

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