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How to roast for increased flavour on a drum roaster

Flavour. Possibly the most cited reason for so many people falling in love with specialty coffee. The wide variety and complexity of flavours that can be found in coffee never ceases to amaze us. But, being able to increase the flavour potential of a coffee through roasting has been a common obstacle for many roasters. In this experiment, we will show you how we explore and test a commonly held belief about roasting for increased flavour on a dru




How to roast for increased flavour on a drum roaster.





We tested a common approach to roasting for increased flavour on a drum roaster: faster roasts. We then assessed the impact of the different roast speeds and what it meant for the flavour in terms of quality and intensity in the cup. Our findings showed not just a significant sensory impact on the cupping table but also in the V60 pourover brew method. There were also significant implications on espresso that could be derived from the results for the V60 brews. During the experiment we also found evidence to support Samo Smrke's previous findings that faster roasts tended to degas and stale at a faster rate than slower roasts.



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