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Coffee Roasters: What's the difference?

The number of Coffee Roasters in Singapore have been growing in the past few years. What is the difference between all these roasters? How does roasting affect coffee flavours and which roaster serves coffee that suits you best?

Before we dive into the world of roasting, let's start with some simple basics.

All coffee is scored and graded on a 100-point scale.

 Score Grade

Among the highest quality coffees available.
Less than 1% of coffee production in the world.

85-89.99 Upper Specialty Grade
80-84.99 Lower Specialty Grade
>80.0 Commercial Grade / Regular Coffee

Other requirements for specialty grade coffees include sorting for defects and water activity etc. If you want to learn more about Green Coffee Standards and specialty coffee in general, you can check out  Please login or subscribe to our research to access this report.