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LightTells Coffee Roast Degree Analyzer

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$ 2,630.00

A Coffee Roast Degree Analyzer helps to measure the roast degree or delta between whole bean and ground coffee to allow a better understanding of the roasting curve and roast result in order to facilitate quality control.

-One of the roast level analyzers recommended by the SCAA for measuring the Standard Roast Levels for Cupping.
-Appointed Roast Analyzer for Toper Roast Master Championships.


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CM-100, the BEST portable coffee roast analyzer, is a high accuracy and stable meter which helps you to classify roasting degrees or the delta between whole bean and ground coffee to get a better understanding of the roasting curve and roasting results for better quality control.

CM-100 has the following advantages: quick measurement key, high accuracy measurement, long battery life ( up to 6 hours of continuous use), easy to carry, easy to store and high build quality.

It's highly recommended to have a CM-100 for coffee roasting vendors, coffee shop owners or home roasters.

CM-100 Specific Features

  • SCAA Standard-Compliant
  • A near infrared photometer tells the caramelization from the coffee beans or ground.
  • High accuracy
  • Short warming up time
  • Quick measurement key
  • Support using while charging
  • Support Auto-power off setting
  • Stores up to 100 measurement results
  • Both SCAA scale and general name are available
  • Self-calibration
  • CM-100 Specification
  • CM-100 User Manual