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Why is specialty coffee important?

What is the big deal with specialty coffee? So what if it is 80 points and above? Does it really make such a big difference? Yes it does. It is a matter of life and death. Let me tell you a story..

Imagine living in a family of 5, with only $1 a day to support the entire family. There is no rice left, the roof is leaking and there is no money to get new clothes. Sounds rough?

This is exactly the life that many people in coffee producing countries face. All just to provide you with $1 coffees and kopi (in Singapore). Commercial coffees, those scoring below 80 points, are usually sold on the coffee commodities market (C-market). Prices on the C-Market are extremely volatile and many times, farmers are unable to even recoup their costs of farming, much less profit from it.

Why Specialty Coffee is important

Specialty coffees are able to fetch significantly higher prices compared to the C-Market. Thanks to their higher quality, farmers are able to work directly with exporters and roasters alike and receive prices that are almost 4 to 5 times higher than what is possible on the C-Market.

So, each time you pay $5 for a cup of coffee, know that you are significantly improving somebody else’s life halfway across the globe. This to us, is the core of specialty coffee and also the whole purpose of our existence; to empower the lives of others through coffee. Plus, you get to taste amazing coffees!

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