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Tired of calibrating espresso? We have the perfect solution!

Having trouble calibrating your espresso? Don't worry, we crafted a simple online app to help you. Perfect shots, every time. Try it out here.

Baristas? Pssh, who needs them when you've got our Espresso Calibration Tool.

Here's how it works:

Step 1:

Key in your portafilter's basket size and the roast level of the coffee you are brewing.

Espresso Calibration Tool Step 1

Step 2:

The Tool will recommend a starting brew ratio. Try pulling your first shot using this ratio.

Espresso Calibration Tool Step 2

Step 3:

Taste the shot and rate the Acidity / Sweetness / Bitterness of the shot. We are assessing both the intensity and quality here. Once you are done, click "Analyze Shot"

Espresso Calibration Tool Step 3

Step 4:

The tool will provide suggestions on how to improve the espresso based on your taste input. You can also key in additional variables such as your shot time and water temperature for more accurate assessments.

Click on "Grind Finer" or any other available options as your next shot.

Espresso Calibration Tool Step 4

Step 5:

Key in the taste input for the NEW shot and re-analyze. Rinse and repeat until you have achieved a sweet and balanced espresso.

Espresso Calibration Tool Step 5

And that's how you get yourself a perfect espresso! This app is currently in its beta stages and we are continuing to test and iterate the algorithm behind the inputs.

We would appreciate any kind of feedback and suggestions based on your results. You can reach us through the feedback form at the bottom of the app or email us at [email protected].

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