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Coffee roasting in 2021: What we are excited about

2020 was a crazy year for sure. But we're not out of the woods yet, Covid continues to run rampant even with vaccines being released. This is not an obstacle, but rather a learning opportunity, a chance for us to improve and be better. Here's what we're excited about in 2021.
Even with the pandemic, there were a number of innovations in coffee that really got us excited:

1. The Griin Roaster

Griin's patent-pending roasting technology uses an innovative method to heat the beans from the inside-out. The roasting process is governed by neural networks that replace the human operator with a fully autonomous process that produces a homogenous and consistent roast. 

It wasn't too long ago that we posted a challenge about roasting a coffee darker on the inside compared to the outside. We believe it is not possible with current fire-powered drum roasters. But here comes Griin ready to throw down the gauntlet! We are really excited to see how this plays out.

2. The Matrix filter basket / shower screen

matrix coffee shower screen

Developed by products designer Del Creatives in collaboration with IMS, the shower screen is made to distribute water through thousands of small holes around 4-5 microns. Compared to traditional screens which have much wider holes, this can help to distribute water and pressure more evenly during espresso extraction.

3. Roaster Development

We've seen a significant growth in the number of coffee roasters starting their roasting journey during 2020. This is healthy as it provides a more complete picture of the coffee preparation process and supply chain. As a coffee professional, if you’re limiting yourself to barista knowledge, you are stuck with only 1 half of the equation.

Coffee roasting is the other half. Only through roasting coffee will you achieve a complete and deeper understanding of coffee preparation. This has a trickle down effect and will pass on better information and education to other people in the coffee industry.

On top of that you will get to reduce your coffee costs by 50% or more, establish a stronger brand and build a new income stream by selling your own coffee beans.

If you want to skip the curve and get straight to the lessons that we've compiled over the last 6 years, checkout our Ultimate Coffee Roasting Course. You can also roast your own coffee at our co-roasting space here.

What if I am already a roaster?

That's the best position to be in. Now you can actually focus on using your knowledge and expertise to empower the lives of others in coffee. Being able to roast and brew great coffee is just step 1. There is still a long road ahead of us in creating a truly sustainable ecosystem in coffee.

From digital strategies to behavioural psychology, macro-economics and much more, there are many challenges to implementing best practices and helping the industry improve on a systemic level. Our aim should be to lift the industry across every segment of the supply chain.

Here's a good place we believe all coffee professionals should start to get a better understanding of coffee on a big picture level : Coffee Economics with Karl

An important perspective for people who want to understand what really needs to happen at origin:

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