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A beautiful coffee: collaborating to roast for good

We came up with a plan to help coffee farmers achieve better profitability and sustainability for their farms. Starting with Mexico, here is a full breakdown of our action plan to raise funds to help them. We will update this page regularly with monthly transparency reports so you can see how the funds are being used to support these farmers.

In case you haven't read the top 3 things you need to know about Mexican Coffee, we talked about the current state of thousands of smallholder farms selling coffee at losses. One of the farmers we met received no more than $800 from their coffee production for the entire year. However, their average cost is $1,120. That makes their net income $-320. They practically have nothing to live on.

Translation: They are very poor. 

This story isn't just unique to Mexico. There are many difficulties and obstacles towards sustainability in every coffee producing country. We believe that we have a responsibility to help.

We came up with a plan to help and make their coffee production more sustainable.
Now we'd like to invite you to join us.

The goal: Help 15 selected smallholder farmers achieve profitability on their coffee crops.

Key Results:

(Farm Level)

- Instill adequate accounting practices into the farms to record P&L.

- Educate farmers on specialty grade coffee requirements to allow higher prices on coffees sold.

- Provide adequate equipment necessary for achieving specialty grade on their coffee.
        a) Build raised beds to aid more even drying and moisture control which will result in higher cup quality and selling price.
        b) Build water processing plant to provide clean water for washing and processing coffee and personal consumption.

Total funds required: $1,200

Total funds raised: $-


We will be collaborating with 12 coffee roasters across Singapore to sell coffee from these selected smallholder farmers. This is an organic certified coffee and will be a special collaboration roast that showcases our combined coffee philosophy. Profits from the sales of the coffee beans will be collected into our fund for investing in these coffee farmers.

There will be a limited quantity of only 20kg per collaboration. Coffees will be available for sale at both roaster's shop as retail beans or served as a beverage.

This is the current lineup schedule:

Dec 2020: Compound Coffee x Community Coffee | Upside Down Coffee | Apartment | Cata Coffee | Penny University

Jan/Feb 2021: Compound Coffee x Dutch Colony | Alchemist | Quarterlife Coffee | Maxi Coffee Bar | Prodigal Coffee | Foreword Coffee

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