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Coffee Experiences

Compound Coffee Co. is Singapore's leading coffee roastery in specialty coffee research and experimentation. Discover a greater coffee experience with our experimental coffees and latest research.
Approaching coffee as both an art and a science, we work hard everyday to push the boundaries of our coffee; constantly innovating and researching to improve the coffee experience that we provide to all our customers.

Our Coffee

We choose to source our coffee through importers that have practices to display and ensure transparency, quality and sustainability. We believe that in order to achieve a sustainable quality coffee production, transparency through the supply chain and ensuring premium renumeration going back to the coffee farmers is key.

These importers travel to many different countries tasting and cupping through hundreds to thousands of different coffees and select only the best coffees which are then passed on to us to taste and decide if we would like to purchase them.

As coffee is seasonal, our offerings will change periodically according to what is in season and available to us so that we provide you with the only freshest crop possible.

Our Philosophy

Our approach to roasting is simple: Every coffee posseses their own distinct and unique flavours. Our goal is to preserve and highlight these flavours during the roasting process so that our baristas can extract the full flavour potential from the beans; allowing them to serve you the best tasting cup.

In order to do this, we roast all our coffees very carefully in order not to introduce it with any roasty aromas or flavours that occurs from roasting too dark. Simultaneously, we avoid roasting too light to prevent grassy flavours and overly tart acidity that occurs from underdeveloping the bean.

Our baristas are rigorously trained in the craft of coffee brewing before they are allowed on the bar. They are constantly working on new skills and techniques to further their knowledge and craftsmanship in coffee. Every week, we dedicate a significant portion of our time purely for research and development in the field of coffee; from conducting numerous experiments to inventing new methods and techniques for maximising the extraction of coffee flavours.

We also firmly believe that customer service is the final and most important link in the chain as the best coffees in the world would still be a poor experience when coupled with bad service. Therefore, we place a huge emphasis on providing our customers with a complete and pleasurable experience through unparalleled hospitality alongside our delicious coffees.

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