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01. About us

"Our purpose is to empower the lives of others through coffee"

- Kenneth Ong, Founder

Welcome to Compound Coffee Co, Singapore's top coffee roasting academy. Where we source, roast and share some of the top coffees in the world. Where pushing the boundaries of coffee research and knowledge is our daily mantra. Where empowering people’s lives through coffee is the purpose of our existence.

We take our knowledge, experience and more importantly, our profits to support the people around us in their quest for a greater quality of life. Whether it be farmers implementing a more sustainable practice or coffee professionals looking to reach the next level of their craft, we work hard to make sure they are successful. As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats.

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Compound Coffee Co. was first born out of a desire to combine my love for coffee and my insatiable hunger for constantly learning and experimenting. Here, we get to work with new experimental coffees from top farms around the world. We play with exciting new flavours, research revolutionary technologies and experiment with innovative techniques, all in search of a greater coffee experience.

Our role is to showcase the farmer's coffees at their best. We aim to de-commodify the coffee experience through constant research and experimentation. There is never a dull moment admist this coffee roastery we call home.

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"I want to create a platform for passionate coffee professionals to showcase their creations and connect with consumers. I envisioned a place where people could enjoy a more intimate relationship with coffee producers and their development through the years. This is the legacy I want to leave behind".
We firmly believe that customer service is the final and most important link in the chain. The best coffees in the world would still be a poor experience when coupled with bad service. Therefore, we place a huge emphasis on providing our customers with unparalleled hospitality alongside our delicious coffees.
Our approach to roasting is simple: Every coffee posseses its own distinct and unique flavours. Our goal is to preserve and highlight these flavours during the roasting process so that our baristas can extract the full flavour potential from the beans; allowing them to serve you the best tasting cup.

In order to do this, we roast all our coffees very carefully. We avoid roasting too dark to prevent introducing with any burnt aromas or bitter, charred flavours that occurs from roasting dark. Simultaneously, we avoid roasting too light to prevent grassy flavours and overly tart acidity that occurs from underdeveloping the coffee.

Our baristas are rigorously trained in the craft of coffee brewing before they are allowed on the bar. They are constantly working on new skills and techniques to further their knowledge and craftsmanship in coffee. Every week, we dedicate a significant portion of our time purely for research and development in the field of coffee; from conducting numerous experiments to inventing new methods and techniques for maximising the extraction of coffee flavours.