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Compound Coffee Co.
01. About Us
An obsession with coffee

Welcome to Compound Coffee Co. where we source, roast and share some of the top coffees in the world. Where pushing the boundaries of coffee research and technology is our daily mantra. Where empowering people’s lives through coffee is the purpose of our existence.

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Our Coffee Roaster
02. Our Coffee
Discover a greater coffee experience

Our coffees range from some of the rarest to the most exclusive in the world. From award winning coffees at the World Barista Championship to cutting-edge experimental coffees at the forefront of innovation.

Every coffee posseseses their own distinct and unique flavours. Our goal is to preserve and highlight these flavours during the roasting process so that you can extract the full flavour potential from the beans.

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03. Our Research
Singapore's leading coffee roastery in specialty coffee research and experimentation

Approaching coffee as both an art and a science, we work hard everyday to push the boundaries of our coffee; constantly innovating and researching to improve the coffee experience that we provide to all our customers.

Every week, we dedicate a significant portion of our time purely for research and development in the field of coffee; from conducting numerous experiments to inventing new methods and techniques for maximising the extraction of coffee flavours.

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Our Coffee Roaster