Kochere 141

Time and time again, the “Queen of Coffee Origins” delivers. Bursting with flavours of Earl Grey, Lemon and floral aromatics, this coffee is perfect for any time of the day!

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We created Public Access as our first mainstay coffee that aims to be as accessible to as many people as possible. Public Access is our take on the sweetest and most pleasing coffees that can be easily enjoyed by any and everyone. The components will change from season to season to ensure the freshest crop available.

Heleanna Georgalis


Kochere, Yirgacheffe

Woreda/Local municipality
Oddo Shakiso

Ethiopian Heirloom

1,800 - 2050m above sea level

Fully Washed

Roast Level
Medium Light

Time and time again, the “Queen of Coffee Origins” delivers, despite a frankly labyrinthine and constantly evolving coffee auction and export system. Year after year, coffee buyers eagerly make their way through Addis Ababa and into the countryside, in search of the next fabled cup.

Ethiopian coffee is still made up of many wild growing coffee plants – most of them have not yet been classified, so the genetic diversity is innumerable and is still very much being studied and explored. While varieties do change from region to region within Ethiopia, you will often see “landraces” or “heirloom” listed as the varieties, even though this does not denote a homogenous genetic pool covering all of Ethiopia. Being wild, these varieties have evolved naturally and so are well adapted to their surroundings. All this means that chemical inputs (fertilizers), pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are rarely needed/in use in Ethiopia; the majority of coffee produced is organic in the truest sense of the word.

Our washed coffees are carefully selected, rigorously sorted (by both machine and hand) and curated together with Heleanna Georgalis of Moplaco Trading Co. Heleanna and her team purchase coffees from the Ethiopia Commodities Exchange (ECX) and once the coffees arrive at their facility in Addis, they are meticulously sorted so that the full potential of each lot is clearly distinguishable. The current iteration of the ECX is structured in such a way that transparency (i.e. knowing the specific people involved with harvesting, and the place the coffee was grown and processed) is not available.

Licensed exporters like Heleanna purchase coffees based on three criteria: broad geographic areas (e.g. Yirgacheffe, Sidamo), quality grade as determined by the ECX (e.g. Q1, Q2), and the lot’s date of submission to the auction. Bidders are not allowed to see or taste the coffee prior to bidding. These realities are why the work of Heleanna's processing and export team is so fundamental to the quality of thr coffee our roasters receive.