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Finca El Carmen

Blackburn Estate Elephant Walk

An orange peel citrusy bitterness paves the way to sweet raisins and raw honey flavours. A good morning coffee to wake up the senses.

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Blackburn Estate, Elephant Walk


Karatu District

West of Oldeani

Kent & Nyassa

1,760m - 1,950m above sea level

Fully Washed & dried on African Beds

Roast Level

Blackburn is an award-winning estate, distinguished not only by taste but also by Michael’s commitment to ecologically-sound farming. Coffee represents only around 75 hectares (16%) of the entire farm, though new areas of coffee are also being established on the eastern and southern fringes of the farm. These new areas will provide special pickings for micro-lots in the coming seasons. The cherry for this lot was harvested from an area of Blackburn Estate which
is used regularly as a pathway by elephants. 

Blackburn has its own very well-organised wet milling facility. Water from a spring high on Mount Oldeani supplies 2 reservoirs adjacent to the mill for pulping. All the coffee is dried on raised screens (also known as African beds). After drying, the coffee from Blackburn is sent for dry milling in Moshi and is packed in 60kg bags made of sisal, a coarse fibre similar to jute but made
from the sinuous leaves of the agave plant. Jute bags are prohibited in Tanzania to protect the local sisal industry. The sisal bags are free of the characteristic odour of jute.