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Singapore Coffee Festival is back for its second year with a new home at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre and Compound Coffee Co. is there too! Enjoy an ice cold brew or an amazing cup of joe with us at Booth 19! We will also be demonstrating our sample roaster in action, retailing extensive coffee merchandise and hosting free tasting sessions; all with a breath-taking waterfront view and renown local music acts! But wait, there's more! We also...
Coffee blends have been around for a very long time and is traditionally the more popular choice among many coffee drinkers compared to single origins. While I believe that blends have their place among the market, Compound Coffee’s own stance is that of NOT blending. Here’s why.
Roasting coffee is just like cooking. You need to follow a recipe if you want any semblance of consistency. If only it were THAT easy. We all know how food can taste totally different even when we follow a recipe to the T (or so we think). So, what is the recipe for coffee roasting and how do we ensure and measure consistency in our roasts?
"My coffee is sour", "I don't like sour coffee". Probably two of the most common comments any specialty coffee roaster treading the lighter roast spectrum would hear. What is the deal with sour coffee and why do so many coffee shops continue to serve them despite resistance from customers?
The number of Coffee Roasters in Singapore have been growing in the past few years. What is the difference between all these roasters? How does roasting affect coffee flavours and which roaster serves coffee that suits you best?
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